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Our Gentle Journeys is a professional organizing company that uses a gentle method when decluttering. I offer a maintenance service and a home cleaning service for those who have busy schedules who need a little help keeping their homes tidy and clean after we work together. 

Simplify your life.
Decluttering your environment sheds the weight of excess items and simplifies your life. My clients have reported having more time, money, energy, and self-confidence after working together. Some switch their careers to more rewarding ones, and some start a hobby they have always wanted to try. There is a feeling of clarity when you know what you have and where everything is. No more searching for items or purchasing duplicates. 

Create your dream environment.
Why not you? Why not now? If you have been living in clutter and feel overwhelmed, frustrated with it and yourself, contact me. I will guide you through my gentle decluttering and organizing method. We will work to find the best functional yet beautiful organizing systems that work with you and your environment.  


Happiness in your home.

Think about how good it would feel to wake up in an organized bedroom, then feel joy when you walk into your home office, peace when you walk into the garage and a calm feeling when you walk into your bathroom. When items have a "home", our home is easier to maintain and navigate when a specific item is needed. Just think, if every item in your home either made you happy or gave you peace, your stress level would drop significantly. Sometimes we can’t control what happens outside of our homes, but we do have control of what we surround ourselves in our homes. Let’s create tranquility in your home.  

Stay Organized when life gets busy.

Some busy people need help maintaining their organized home regularly or seasonally when business picks up. No worries, I got you covered. Click here to read more about this service.  

Keeping your home clean is my pleasure.

Coming home to a clean house after work is refreshing and calming. Life is busy and not all of us want to clean our homes on our time off. Leave it to me. Click here to learn more about this service. 


Trauma Informed
I am aware many yet not all people who find themselves in overwhelming clutter may have also had a traumatic life experience. I am not a therapist but do have life coach training. I am here to work with you at your pace, I won’t move anything without asking, I won’t ever pressure you to make any decisions and we will take gentleness breaks as needed. I am here to help you declutter and organize your space creating the peace in your home you have always wanted.
Self-Confidence by Decluttering
Self-confidence is just a by-product of making numerous decisions back-to-back. We make hundreds of decisions at work, with our children and pets but when have we addressed our items in our home in the same manner. The answer is most of us haven’t. So, when we work through each category (clothing, books, paperwork, etc.) in our home, we start to hone in on what it feels like to make these types of decisions, feel good about them and as a result we learn to trust ourselves more.
Research + Certificates
I enjoy researching and wanted to have a well rounded perspective of organizing and decluttering. I began my research in organizing techniques, methods, systems, perceptions, ideas, philosophies, I watched tv shows, movies, read books, and interviewed people.  I also researched organizing methods and systems for neurodiversity, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (with and without the hyperactivity), depression, anxiety, PTSD, CPTSD, OCD and phobias. I tested ideas and methods on myself and husband, tracking the results and modifying where necessary. It is important to me to build my knowledge on a regular basis to continue to give my clients the highest level of services possible.
I have a certificate in professional organizing and in life coaching.

My services are for those that:

  • Need to downsize (life transitions, loss, divorce, moving, tiny home, etc.)

  • Are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin

  • Have very busy schedules and don’t have time to do it themselves

  • Have a hard time staying on task

  • Have a hard time making decisions

  • Have low self-confidence or question themselves

  • Want to learn how to trust themselves by decluttering

  • Have a high self-confidence but hey, why not grow it even higher

  • Have tried other organizing systems but can’t seem to maintain them

  • Need a professional to show them different perspectives on organizing and decluttering to help make it more of a permanent change

  • Have anxiety about discarding items

  • Have some or complete physical restrictions

Artwork for our home

I have been in business for a while as an artist and originally got into the business because I wanted to communicate without words. Nothing is more validating than when I painted something from a deep emotion and someone else identified with it. We didn't have to say a word, I could read it on their faces as they stared at the work. Recently I started a new series of anatomy artwork. They are self-portraits. This series started when I found out I have a right leg that is 5 cm (approximately 2 inches) shorter than my left leg in addition to loose connective tissue throughout my body. These have caused a myriad of other chronic conditions. I have found it is absolutely exhausting to advocate for myself day in and day out, going in and out of doctor’s offices. My chronic conditions started to weigh on me heavily and I started to creep into depression. I decided to try something new by drawing the body part I was having issues with and adding pretty flowers around it. This changed my perspective a bit. Although the issues are still chronic it reminds me that I am taking care of myself, I am advocating for myself, and I am validating myself. I want to spread love to others that are struggling with chronic conditions, disabilities, invisible illnesses etc. 

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